Galaxy- Me-time Campaign
Galaxy wants to encourage women to take day full of indulgences and for them to take more time out for themselves to strengthen the brand’s position as a woman’s partner in indulgence.
Objective and Approach:
Refine Galaxy's Brand positioning through an engaging and meaningful activation campaign that connects and speaks to women. The campaign was activated through multiple in-store touchpoints that directed consumers to the online platform to incentives women to express themselves and  their me-time moment for chance to Win A full spa day with Galaxy. 
The campaign was successful and  drove awareness, engagement and connection with women in UAE and across GCC.
Galaxy sales increased by 12%
Galaxy Jewels- Ramadan special edition

The idea of the box resonates from the ramadan Lantern that is very admired during the holy month. Therefore the box not only offers you indulgent chocolate it can also be used an an ornament for decoration during the month and by that we achieved  brand awareness and 
Mars Ice cream- Freezer re-design and online activation
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